Dickies Green Effort Heats Up

Williamson-Dickie Europe Limited, one of the UK’s leading workwear manufacturers and suppliers is planning to install almost 2,000 square metres of solar panelling on the south and south west facing roofs of its 100,000 sq.m warehousing and distribution centre in Radstock, North Somerset.

The unobtrusive and operationally silent panelling will provide large amounts of ‘green’, renewable electricity for several decades and will reduce the company’s dependency on power sourced from the national grid, which will receive any surfeit of energy that is produced.

The panels are expected to generate 236,132 kilowatts and save 124,914 Kg of Co2 emissions per year.

Announcing the energy saving plan, which is currently subject to planning approval and contractual agreements, Ben Pearson, the company’s Environmental and Compliance Coordinator said: "We are always looking to reduce our environmental impacts and the solar panel array is a major part of our ongoing environmental strategy”.

It is hoped that the solar panels will be fitted and operational by August 2011.

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